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Adult Shooting and Puck Handling

This program is perfect for hockey players looking to learn proper shooting and stick handling techniques to enhance their ability to score and keep control of the puck during games or for parents/coaches who are looking to teach their young players. We will break down proper shooting technique, hand position, blade position for wrist shots, backhand shots, snap shots, slap shots, one-timers, quick one-touches around the net, we will also address body position when picking up a pass and releasing the puck, how to select the proper shot, shooting in traffic. We will also  address hand and body positioning while stick handling, protecting the puck, keeping control of the puck with speed, making moves to create space or scoring chances as well as transitioning from puck handling to releasing the puck with a variety of shots. This program will definitely help improve your shooting and puck handling ability.

Register for both programs and receive $25 off on registration, please contact us before paying to receive the discount 

Adult Technical Skating and Puck Skills

This program is perfect for players/coaches or parents looking to learn proper skating technique. We will break down all aspects of skating in simple steps that will help you understand what your body, stick and feet are accomplishing on the ice.  We will address forward/backward skating, edges, forward/backward cross overs, quick starts, transitioning, pivoting and much more. Pucks will be added to these skating skills and proper puck handling, passing and shooting techniques will be covered throughout the sessions. This program will help you become a better and more efficient skater as well as understanding how to control and shoot a puck with speed.

Register for both programs and receive $25 off one registration, please contact us before paying to receive the discount

Goalie Mask

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