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Explosiveness For Hockey

Are you looking to become a more explosives hockey player? This program is designed to help you learn, practice and understand hockey specific skills that are critical for peak power and explosiveness on the ice. Throughout this program you will have the opportunity to learn and practice hockey skills with no ice surface necessary. In addition to hockey specific skills, you will have full access to off-ice speed and explosiveness routines developed by professional coaches at Total Package Speed, Strength & conditioning.

What Do I Get With This Program

– Full access to coaching through our training app (iphone or android)

– Over 5 Hours/week of Instructional Training

– Instructional Videos with On-Ice Skill Breakdown

– Demonstration Videos for Off-Ice Exercises

– Access to a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

– Access to a Professional On-Ice Skills Coach

– Unlimited Access to any Questions for Your On and Off-Ice Coaches

At Total Package our training delivery has evolved over the past year. Now, you can gain access to our teaching methods on and off ice all from the comfort of your home. With this program you will access a structured training schedule, video demonstrations of exercises and skills with the ability to direct message our coaches, where your questions can be answered.

Starting Monday April 5th

Goalie Mask

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