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Stickhandling Sessions

This program focuses on one of most important, innovative areas in hockey: stickhandling and puck skills. Stickhandling (like most skills) needs constant repetition of the correct techniques. In these lessons, players will be given the correct reinforcements to enhance skills by working on body movements with the puck and receiving correct technical instruction. Off-ice exercises will take place in the TPH Training Centre where players will use reinforcement aids and constant feedback from instructors to enhance development.

During your half an hour customized stickhandling lesson, our professional staff will be with you, assisting in the development of all of your stickhandling techniques including:

  • Slide Board Stickhandling
  • Russian Box Jump With Ball
  • Wobble Board With Ball
  • Over A Hurdle While Stickhandling
  • Saucer Pass
  • Speed Ladder While Stickhandling

Shooting Sessions

At the TPH Training Centre we have created a way to improve your shot without the expensive ice rentals. In our Bauer Shooting room you have the opportunity to shoot off of the artificial ice.

During your half an hour customized shooting lessons our professional staff will be with you, assisting in the development of all of your shooting techniques including: Weight Transfer, Body Positioning, Timing, Release, Aim.

Blade Skating Treadmill – Stride Development

The Blade Skating Treadmill is an elite teaching tool exclusively offered at TPH Training Centre in the London. The Blade Skating Treadmill allows TPH’s professional staff the opportunity to break down a players stride by focusing on skating technique, stride efficiency, leg power, knee bend and much more. Players will receive instant feedback from their coach and are able to correct themselves with the use of affective tools such as the skating mirror to instantly view inefficiencies. A proper & efficient skating stride is crucial in enhancing overall skating performance. The Blade Skating Treadmill simulates an on ice skating stride and allows players to focus on some skating essentials both technical and functional that directly translate back on to the ice.

Goalie Mask

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