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Holiday Acceleration Camp

The most important skill in hockey “SKATING” will be the main focus of this program. Players will be challenged through on-ice sessions complete with acceleration drills, resistance drills (parachutes, bungees…), pucks will be added to speed drills throughout the sessions. During the off-ice portion of the program players will have a skating treadmill workout as well as a speed and agility off-ice workout complete with quick feet drills, explosive exercises and hockey specific shooting and stickhandling drills.¬†This program is perfect for players looking to work on skating technique, explosive speed, quick starts and overall skating speed.

Please note your child must be 2010 birth yr and older to register for the camp due to the use of the Skating Treadmill in the camp. 

Sibling Discount save $25 off 1 registration, please contact us before paying to receive discount 

Private Sessions

Private lessons can focus on any combination of skills desired. Most sessions focus on power skating, teaching skating technique, stride efficiency, first 3 step quickness, explosive stops and starts, edge control, pivoting, and transitions. Sessions are normally followed by puck skills and shooting incorporating the power skating skills covered earlier in the session.

Monday to Friday – start time must be before 4:15pm, or you pay prime price for the ice.

Goalie Mask

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