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2005/2006 Summer Development

This program has been designed for our younger competitive male athletes born in 2005/2006 birth year who are looking for some off-ice training as well as on-ice training throughout the off-season. We have put together a couple of different packages to suit your off-season needs, the intense on and off ice training sessions are geared to not only help with your skill development but also get you started on the correct path for future seasons.

Gold Package (On-Ice Sessions Only)

Participate in TPH’s on-ice Skill Development Program, these will be small groups focusing on individual skills, skating technique, power and speed, puck handling, passing, shooting, positional play and much more.

Platinum Package (On-Ice Sessions and Speed & Agility Sessions)

If you would like to improve speed and coordination upgrading to platinum is your best option. Throughout the months of July and August, we will be focusing on basic sprint technique, lateral movement and transitions while including more intricate footwork through a variety of agility drills. You can expect to see improvements in body awareness and control in all aspects of movement on and off the ice.

Goalie Mask

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