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Due to the Lockdown order our Winter Programs are Postponed at this time. Updated information will come available when we know we will be able to start running them again.

Hockey Fundamentals

This program has been designed for beginner players in their first 1-3 years of hockey looking to work on their fundamental skills, balance and agility, edging, skating forward and backward, stopping, cross overs, puck handling, passing, shooting and much more. This program will give players the opportunity to work on their skills during the season.

Max 18 skaters

Breakfast Club

This program has been designed for players looking to stay on the ice and continue their development through the fall and winter months. At TPH we pride ourselves on having professional knowledgable coaches who will work with players in small groups, break down a variety of fundamental skills (skating skills, puck skills, deception, positional skills…) and challenge players through a variety of different scenarios, drills, game like situations, player challenges, small area games and much more. This program is perfect for parents and players seeking out professional skill development that will progress from session to session helping develop the skills they will need to be successful on the ice.

Max 10 players per age grouping

Split Ice


U9/U11 Skills Program

Program will focus on a wide variety of different hockey skills throughout the 8 sessions. Skating, Shooting, Puck Skills and much more. 

Skating and Puck Skills

Are you looking to increase your players SPEED? The most important skill in hockey is SKATING and the hardest aspect of hockey to defend is SPEED. This program will address both skating technique followed by adding speed then incorporating pucks. Whether it’s a race for a puck, quick movements in a small area, or moving directly to open areas, speed is essential in becoming an effective hockey player. TPH coaches will help players learn how to increase speed when starting as well as accelerate when in motion with and without the puck. This program is perfect for players wanting to continue to work on skating and looking for ways to increase speed and acceleration in game situations.


Goalie Mask

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