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TPH Full Day Camp 5-7yrs

Players will be taught hockey fundamentals such as proper skating technique, balance, edge control along with shooting, passing, puck control and much more. Skill development is the main focus for this young age group. During the day players will partake in off-ice team games, lecture sessions, team challenges and fun small area games during the afternoon on-ice sessions. 


TPH Full Day Camp 8-10yrs

This program challenges players by focusing on all aspects of skating such as quick starts, acceleration, transition turns, edging, cross overs and more along with powerful and efficient skating techniques. Pucks will be added during some power skating sessions in order to apply new skating techniques while controlling the puck. Puck control, advanced stick handling, shooting and passing will also be points of emphasis. All of these learned skills will be reviewed and practiced during small group and full ice drills. Players will also participate in off-ice conditioning sessions, team games, lecture sessions, and afternoon on-ice sessions will incorporate small area games and much, much more.


TPH Full Day Camp 11-14yrs

This program will challenge players in all different types of skills and game situations. Players will get a chance to break down different skating and puck skills to be able to gain confidence in them and ultimately be able to translate them into games. We will focus on edge control to enable players to maintain and build speed through turns, lateral movements and transitions as well as focus on becoming faster in small areas. We will utilize good puck handling habits to become more confident making plays with the puck. Areas of focus will be on making moves under pressure, puck protection, on-ice awareness, etc. We will also work specifically on the mechanics of different shot types, like wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, back hands and one-timers to help to become more of a shooting threat in games. This will include adding deception to the release, shooting off a pass reception, shooting out of a move and shooting in traffic.

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