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Elite AAA/AA Skill Sessions Peewee and Bantam

SPEED! Come out and join TPH on Tuesday March 12th for a 1.5 hour ice session as well as a 1 hour off-ice speed and acceleration workout.  These groups will be maxed out at 12 players who will have the opportunity to work with 2 of our professional skills coaches.  The main skill focus for the on-ice portion of the day will be:

  • Quick starts, speed with the puck, quick lateral movement
  • Handling the puck with speed, shooting in stride, quick fakes/moves before shooting

The off-ice workout will take place in the TPH Training Centre located at the Western Fair and will be ran by 2 of our head strength and conditioning coaches.  The main focus points for the off-ice sessions will be:

  • Learning proper body positioning for speed training
  • Adding Power and Explosiveness during training

Small Groups

TPH is hosting small group sessions on Tuesday March 12th.  These sessions will be a maximum of 6 players and will focus on a variety of skills. Each group of 6 players will feature instruction from one of our professional On-Ice skill coaches. The schedule for the small group sessions will run as follows:

12pm-1pm and 12:15pm-1:15pm 

2010-2011- Skating – Forward Skating, Edging, Tight Turns with and without puck

2009-2008- Skating– Forward Skating, Edging, Quick Starts, Quick lateral movements with the puck

1pm-2pm and 1:15pm-2:15pm

2010-2011- Shooting– In Stride, Catch and release in motion, quick moves before shooting

2009-2008- Shooting– In Stride, Quick Catch and release, Quick moves before shooting


2006-2007- Skating– Quick Starts, Quick lateral movements with the puck, tight jam turns

2006-2007- Shooting– Quick Catch and release, shooting in stride, one timers in motion around the net

March Break Development Camp

Players will be on the ice for 2 hours a day with Total Package Hockey staff working on individual skills (skating technique, quick starts, puck handling, shooting and flow drills and fun skill games). Players will then head to the TPH Training Centre and receive a off-ice conditioning circuit, speed and agility, stickhandling and an off-ice shooting session. Players will be challenged both on and off the ice during the 2 day program with a variety of different skill testing drills and team challenges and games.


Goalie Mask

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