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PD Day Small Groups

Come join TPH in Mt. Brydges or Dorchester during the next PD Day on November 15th.  TPH will be running small group specific sessions for players aged 8-12 years old.  The on ice sessions will be 1.5 hours in length and will have a maximum of 16 players per group.  Sign up today and secure yourself a spot!

Mt Brydges Groups – Tri-Township Arena

Advanced Speed/Agility – 8:30am-10am 

During this session we will focus more on the skating aspect of our game.  We will work on explosiveness in our first few steps, as well adding speed to our game both with and without the puck.  We will get into some advanced options for quick change of direction and elusiveness.  The players will be controlling a puck during the majority of this session.

Advanced Shooting/Stickhandling – 11:30am-1pm 

The focus during this session will be proper puck handling and puck protection techniques as well as adding quickness and deception into our moves in motion.  We will work on creating space and opportunities with our puck control.  From a shooting standpoint we will work on getting pucks off quickly in stride with catch and release and quick pushes around the net.

Dorchester Groups – The Flight Exec Centre

Speed and Puck Skills – 10am-11:30am 

This session will focus on adding speed to a player’s game both with and without the puck. We will talk about explosive movements such as quick starts, as well as maintaining speed through lateral movements and changes of direction.

Defence Specific – 11:30am-1pm 

This session will combine a mixture of defence specific skills.  We will focus on skating efficiency and awareness with transitioning, gap control, stick and body positioning.  We will also focus on the stick and puck handling skills from a D point of view including retrievals, first passes, shooting off the blue.


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