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Mt Brydges PD Day Camp

Come join Total Package Hockey for a PD Day camp in Mt Brydges on Friday, January 24th.  The camp is a great chance to sharpen up on our skills leading into playoffs!

Camp details:

Focus: Each group will have 2 ice times (2.5 hrs total on ice).  The first session will focus on a variety of skills that will have the players handling the puck while moving.  Maintaining speed, quick lateral moves, setting puck up for a shot to name a few.  The second on ice session will involve a number of small area games and competitions where the players can continue to work on their skills.

PD Day Small Groups

For players looking to sharpen up their skills on this coming PD day TPH is offering 3 different group sessions with their professional staff to help them stay on top of their game.

9:30am-11:00am – Edging / Speed & Acceleration

This session will focus on proper use of the player’s edges to maximize speed through a number of different skating skills.  We talk about explosive movements such as quick starts as well as maintaining speed through lateral movements and changes of direction.

11:00am-12:30pm – Defence Specific Skills

This session will focus on all different types of skills defensemen will see regularly in games like transitioning, puck retrievals, puck skills on the offensive blue line and much more.

12:30pm-1:30pm – Shooting & Puck Handling

This program will focus on shooting in motion, evasive shooting, quick release off of passes, puck control, fakes, etc.  We will put the players in games situations to give them a chance to gain more confidence with the puck so they are better prepared for the their upcoming games.

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