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Body Checking Clinic

During this 3 day TPH Body Checking Clinics, players will learn different techniques and strategies to properly use their body during contact hockey. We will teach players how to give and effectively play the body by learning different types of techniques, and how to safely receive a body check. We will also work with players on how to protect the puck and use their body to create space on the ice. Body contact is an important part of the game and learning how to use your body effectively, protect your body in vulnerable situations and creating more time and space by protecting the puck will help improve your players game. Players will also run through a series of game situational drills to work on the new body contact techniques learned.


Pre Season Powerskating

The main goal of this program is to teach players proper skating technique and efficiency in order increase power and overall speed. Players will be taught proper body position and skating technique during; edge control, balance/agility drills, forward/backward skating, pivoting, transition turns, cross overs, quick stops/starts, first 3 step quickness, glide/tight turns, lateral movements and much more. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will break down skating techniques through small group instruction and allow players to apply their skills during fun and challenging drills. All players will be tested on the first and last night of the program in order to monitor improvement over the 8 sessions.


Receive $30 off one registration for registering siblings. Please contact us before paying to receive discount. 

Goalie Mask

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