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Sarnia Spring AAA/AA Tryout Prep

This program has been designed to get players back on their skates and ready for the next seasons tryouts.  All players will be challenged through a variety of drills giving them the opportunity to refine and refresh proper skating, shooting and puckhandling skills.  Players will also participate in battle drills, 1on1’s and 2on1’s with the intent of raising their level of compete, although these prep camps don’t go into the great detail on technique that most of our camps do we will be correcting players as they go as well as giving them helpful tips on different ways of making themselves noticeable during the tryout process.

Sarnia Defence Specialty Full Day Camp

The TPH Defence Camp will be a full day camp focusing on all aspects of their position. We will focus on skating, quick backward starts, transitioning, gap control, puck retrievals, making first pass, stick position, walking the blue line, shooting, how to play 1-1’s, 2-1’s, 3-2’s and much more. These defencemen will receive video analysis and some valuable feedback on their technique and ways to improve. This program is perfect for defencemen looking to better understand how to play their position and pick up some valuable techniques and new tools to help them become a valuable defencemen.


Sarnia Overspeed Specialty Full Day Camp

TPH is now offering a full day Overspeed Camp for players looking to improve skating technique, adding speed and power to their skating, quick starts, transitioning, picking up speed in motion. Pucks will be added while skating with speed, skating through traffic, changing directions and creating space in order to find options or generating scoring chances. Players will also receive video analysis of their skating with some valuable feedback on ways to improve. This program is great for players looking to add explosive speed and power to their skating.

Sarnia Shooting/Stickhandling Specialty Full Day Camp

This full day Shooting/Stick Handling Camp will focus on all aspects of shooting and stick handling. With shooting we will break down proper technique on wrist shots, backhands, snap shots, slap shots, one-timers, quick touches around the net, shooting in traffic. With Stick Handling we will address the role of each hand on the hockey stick and teach a variety of different moves, pulls, taps, quick change of direction, controlling the puck with speed, making moves on opposing players as well as incorporating shooting from a stick handling move Players will practice these shooting and stick handling techniques in a controlled environment, traffic and game like situations will be added to enhance their ability to choose the correct shot and stick handling move. Video analysis will be used to critique each players shooting technique and add valuable feedback to help improve their shot. This program is perfect for any player looking to enhance their power and accuracy with a variety of shots as well as increasing their ability to control the puck and choosing which moves to use in different situations.

Sarnia Pre Season Hockey Fundamentals Program

This program has been designed for the beginner hockey players in their first 1-3 years of hockey looking to fine tune and progress their fundamental skills, balance and agility, edging, skating forward and backward, stopping, cross overs, puck handling, passing, shooting and much more. This program will give players the opportunity to work on their skills in preparation for the upcoming hockey season.

August Full Day Novice/Atom Camp

This program challenges players by focusing on all aspects of skating such as quick starts, acceleration, transition turns, edging, cross overs and more along with powerful and efficient skating techniques. Pucks will be added during some power skating sessions in order to apply new skating techniques while controlling the puck. Puck control, advanced stick handling, shooting and passing will also be points of emphasis. All of these learned skills will be reviewed and practiced during small group and full ice drills. Players will also participate in off-ice conditioning sessions, team games, lecture sessions, and afternoon on-ice sessions will incorporate small area games and much, much more.

August Full Week Camp Peewee/Bantam Positional/Contact

This full day positional camp will focus on forward and defense specific skills from skating, shooting, passing, positional play, offensive zone and defensive zone play, playing along the boards, face offs, net front play and much more. Hockey is a game of contact no matter what age, we will incorporate body contact when playing under pressure, using your body to create separation, being aware of where players are, protecting the puck. The Bantam players will be instructed on how to give and received a body check, when to use their body, playing safe and much more. This program will also help players create and defend 1-1’s, 2-1’s, 3-2’s, odd man situations and much more. This program is perfect for players looking to get better at their position and understanding how to control the puck and use their body to create opportunities in a game.


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