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AAA Pre-Tryout Boot Camp

This program has been designed for players looking to get and edge on the competition before the 2018-2019 hockey tryouts. Sessions will focus on key skills that will help players throughout tryouts, skating (quick starts, transitioning, picking up and maintaining speed…), position specific skills, making and receiving passes, puck control, shooting, puck protection, communication on the ice and much more. Players will begin with small group skill stations followed by fun challenging drills incorporating a variety of skills in game situations. Our goal is to have players comfortable and ready to perform during tryouts.

Register for Both AAA sessions or Siblings and receive $15 off 1 registrationPlease contact before paying for discount 

Bantam Body Checking Clinic

During this 3 day TPH Body Checking Clinics, players will learn different techniques and strategies to properly use their body during contact hockey. We will teach players how to give and effectively play the body by learning different types of techniques, and how to safely receive a body check. We will also work with players on how to protect the puck and use their body to create space on the ice. Body contact is an important part of the game and learning how to use your body effectively, protect your body in vulnerable situations and creating more time and space by protecting the puck will help improve your players game. Players will also run through a series of game situational drills to work on the new body contact techniques learned.

Register for the Bantam AAA Bootcamp session also and receive $15 off 1 registration, please contact before paying 

Post Season Power Skating

This program has been designed for players looking to stay on the ice and work on their skills following their hockey season.

Group 1: (4-6 year old player’s) This program is perfect for players looking to develop their fundamental skills. We will focus on balance and agility, skating, puck control, shooting, passing all in a fun and learning environment.

Group 2: (7-9 year old player’s) This program is suited for players looking to further develop their skills, we’ll focus on skating technique, edging, speed, puck handling, making moves with the puck, shooting, learning new shots and when to use them, passing in motion, passing through traffic in a fun and encouraging environment.

Group 3: (10-14 year old player’s) This program is designed for players looking to work on fundamental and advanced skills. Skating technique and efficiency, quick starts, picking up speed in motion, stick handling, passing options (saucer passes, passing through traffic, chips and flips…), shooting (wrist, backhand, snap shot, slap shot, one timers and one-touches…) in a fun and challenging environment.

Register a Sibling or for Multiple Spring Programs and receive $30 off one registration, please contact before paying to get discount 

Advanced Shooting/Stickhandling Camp

This program is perfect for the serious player looking to improve their shooting and stickhandling. TPH’s professional staff will work with players on shooting accuracy, shot selection, shooting technique for wrist, backhand, snap, slap and one-timers/one touches helping players identify how and when to use each shot. Players will also learn hand positioning the role of each hand on their stick when handling a puck, making quick moves, being evasive with the puck, puck protection, how to set up for a shot when stickhandling and much more. TPH’s GOAL is to help players understand how to properly control a puck and quickly create scoring chances by combining stick handling and shooting.

- Shooting basics (slap shot, snap shot, wrist shot, backhand) 
- Shooting in stride 
- One timers (slap and snap) 
- Quick release 
- Fake shots 
- Deke then shoot

- Stickhandling technique 
- Fakes 
- Drags (forehand and backhand) 
- Pushes 
- Fake shot off wrong foot 
- Spins 
- Speed Changes 
- Stickhandle into shot

- Shooting Basics 
- Drag & Shoot 
- Fake shots 
- Bounding 
- Core exercises 
- Forearm roll ups 
- Resisted Shooting

- Stickhandling technique 
- Slide board stickhandling 
- Russian box jump with ball 
- Wobble board with ball 
- Over a hurdle while stickhandling 
- Saucer passes 
- Speed ladder while stickhandling

*** This program includes 1 hour on-ice, 1 hour off-ice and each player will receive an edited video analysis of their skills***

Register a Sibling or for Multiple Programs and receive $30 off one registration, please contact us before paying to receive discount 

Advanced Speed Camp

The most important skill in hockey is SKATING, the hardest thing to defend is SPEED. With the Advanced Speed program we will begin by breaking down skating techniques then incorporate. We’ll focus on all aspects of skating and help players understand what their upper body, lower body and feet are doing during each skating skill. Our goal is to educate players on what their entire body is doing in order to get maximum explosiveness, power and overall speed when moving on the ice. It is very important that players understand the key teaching points involved with each skating skill in order to self-correct inefficiencies to become better skaters and ultimately better players.

- Explosive Starts 
- Forward Skating technique 
- Chutes 
- Straps 
- Bungees 
- Change in direction 
- Speed changes 
- Cross overs

- First three steps 
- Quick backward starts 
- Direction changes 
- Over-speed 
- Explosiveness 
- Skating Treadmill

*** This program includes 1 hour on-ice, 1 hour off-ice and each player will receive an edited video analysis of their skills***

Must be a 2011 birth yr and older to register for the program due to the use of the Treadmill in the program

Register a Sibling or for Multiple Programs and receive $30 off one registration, please contact us before paying to receive discount 

Intro To Hockey

Fun, Fun, Fun, we want young players to enjoying the game of hockey. This program has been designed for players aged 3 to 7 who are entering the game of hockey. TPH’s professional staff will divide players into small groups and work fundamental skills; balance and agility, hockey player position, skating essentials, stick position, puck control and much more. Our goal is for players to have fun and enjoy learning the fundamental skills in order to enjoy and continue playing the great game of hockey.

Goalie Mask

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