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Due to the ever changing Zone Restrictions due to Covid 19 we will be accepting registrations for our Spring Programs but WITHOUT Payment at this time. Once we know for sure that we will be able to run the Programs as planned, we will contact the players registered to get payment. You would then have 72hrs to secure your spot.

Post Season Skills Camp

This program has been designed for players looking to stay on the ice and work on their skills following their hockey season.

Group 1: (4-6 year old player’s) This program has been designed for beginner players in their first 1-3 years of hockey looking to work on their fundamental skills, balance and agility, edging, skating forward and backward, stopping, cross overs, puck handling, passing, shooting and much more.

Group 2: (7-9 year old player’s) This program is suited for players looking to further develop their skills, we’ll focus on skating technique, edging, speed, puck handling, making moves with the puck, shooting, learning new shots and when to use them, passing in motion, passing through traffic in a fun and encouraging environment.

Group 3: (10-14 year old player’s) This program is designed for players looking to work on fundamental and advanced skills. Skating technique and efficiency, quick starts, picking up speed in motion, stick handling, passing options (saucer passes, passing through traffic, chips and flips…), shooting (wrist, backhand, snap shot, slap shot, one timers and one-touches…) in a fun and challenging environment.



Advanced Speed

One of the most important aspects in hockey is the ability to use speed effectively. Whether it’s a race for a puck, quick movements in a small area, or moving directly to open areas, speed is essential in becoming an effective hockey player. This program will focus on giving players an opportunity to learn how to use proper skating technique, explosive power and acceleration (forwards and backwards) in all different types of game situations.

Split Ice 10 skaters per age group

Advanced Shooting and Stickhandling

This program will allow players to learn proper shooting technique (wrist shot, backhand, slap shot, snap shot, one-timers, touches around the net…) as well as, shot selection, body position when shooting, shooting in stride, adding deception to shot, and much more. Players will also go through technical stick handling, hand positioning, how to control the puck, handle a puck in traffic, protect the puck while making moves and dekes, stick handling into a shot and much more. The GOAL of this program is to help players learn how to not only become more comfortable and confident with the puck but also converting this into more scoring chances for themselves and teammates.


Split Ice 10 skaters per age group

Goalie Mask

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