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Strathroy Holiday Small Groups

TPH is running a number of small group skill sessions over the Holiday Break in Strathroy.  These groups will be capped at 12 players (6 from each age group) per session.  There will be 2 TPH Instructors on the ice for these sessions.  The categories for these group sessions will be:


This session will primarily focus on helping players get on their proper edges in different skating situations, both in quick and gradual changes of direction.  Pucks will be added into these drills.

Quick Starts/Acceleration

This session will focus more on the first few steps/strides a player takes.  We will aim to add efficiency and power into these quick starts.  We will also touch on advanced options to change direction with quick cuts/moves while in stride.

Puck Handling/Passing

During this session we will focus on players ability to handle the puck in various positions around their body.  We will pay close attention to setting pucks up to shoot/pass while in stride.  Giving and receiving a pass on the backhand will be another skill we will work on during this session.


Shooting in stride, catch and release, and shooting out of a quick move will be the main areas of focus during this session.  We will begin by going over proper technique and set up for our shot in stride and then advance into adding passing/moves prior to shooting.

Goalie Mask

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