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Strathroy July Skills Camp

This camp will be a combination of our Overspeed Camp and our Shooting and Stickhandling Camp.  The players will go through an off ice speed and agility workout in the morning along with an hour long Overspeed on ice session. The main focus points will be skating technique, adding speed and power to skating, quick explosive starts, transitions and adding speed with the puck.  The afternoon will shift to the shooting and stickhandling part of the camp. Players will begin with an off ice session including stickhandling drills, shooting video sessions and lectures as well as some fun skill competitions. Following the off ice session the players will gear back up for an hour long Shooting and Stickhandling on ice session. In these sessions we will focus on proper technique of wrist shots, backhands, snap shots, one timers, quick touches around the net and shooting in stride. We will also cover a variety of stickhandling moves, taps, bumps, pulls, quick changes of direction and making moves at high speed. Throughout each day we will also have a time slot for road hockey and off ice games and competitions. This is a perfect opportunity for any players trying to improve on the most important skills of their game.

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