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July Full Day Overspeed Specialty Camp

Full day Overspeed Camp is for players looking to improve skating technique, adding speed and power to their skating, quick starts, transitioning, picking up speed in motion. Pucks will be added while skating with speed, skating through traffic, changing directions and creating space in order to find options or generating scoring chances. Players will also receive video analysis of their skating with some valuable feedback on ways to improve. This program is great for players looking to add explosive speed and power to their skating.


July Full Day Defence Specialty Camp

The TPH Defence Camp will be a full day camp focusing on all aspects of their position. We will focus on skating, quick backward starts, transitioning, gap control, puck retrievals, making first pass, stick position, walking the blue line, shooting, how to play 1-1’s, 2-1’s, 3-2’s and much more. These defencemen will receive video analysis and some valuable feedback on their technique and ways to improve. This program is perfect for defencemen looking to better understand how to play their position and pick up some valuable techniques and new tools to help them become a valuable defencemen.

July Full Day Shooting/Stickhandling

This full day Shooting/Stick Handling Camp will focus on all aspects of shooting and stick handling. With shooting we will break down proper technique on wrist shots, backhands, snap shots, slap shots, one-timers, quick touches around the net, shooting in traffic. With Stick Handling we will address the role of each hand on the hockey stick and teach a variety of different moves, pulls, taps, quick change of direction, controlling the puck with speed, making moves on opposing players as well as incorporating shooting from a stick handling move Players will practice these shooting and stick handling techniques in a controlled environment, traffic and game like situations will be added to enhance their ability to choose the correct shot and stick handling move. Video analysis will be used to critique each players shooting technique and add valuable feedback to help improve their shot. This program is perfect for any player looking to enhance their power and accuracy with a variety of shots as well as increasing their ability to control the puck and choosing which moves to use in different situations.


July Full Day Skill/Goal Scoring Camp

Every player loves to score goals and when you watch the highlights you can see that the modern day player is becoming more and more creative in doing so. As part of the full day skill/goal scoring camp the TPH staff will break some of these highlight reel goals down, teach players the purpose of each move, practice the individual steps and ultimately combine the package to become a goal scoring threat in their respective leagues. Each day the camp will include on and off ice training and video seminars to demonstrate where these moves are being used. If your looking to become more of a threat with the puck then this is the camp for you.

August Defence Specialty Camp

Looking to dominate on the blue line? This program will help you work on techniques and your skill set. Defensemen will work on a variety of skills each day from; shooting technique and accuracy, strong first pass, net front play, D-zone coverage, angling, jumping into the play, Offensive zone play, how to become an offensive threat from the blue line, one on ones, odd man situations (2-1, 3-1, 3-2), reading the play, reading the ice and much more. These 2-hour sessions will allow defence to work on and expand their knowledge of their position making them more effective defensemen.


August Overspeed Specialty Camp

This program concentrates on the most valuable hockey skill “SKATING”. Skating technique will be broken down into simple steps focusing on skating efficiency. Skaters will be challenged every session with qualified instructors concentrating on balance and agility, edge control, speed, explosive power and stride efficiency, turning, cross-overs, lateral movements. This program is designed for serious players who are looking willing to work hard to improve their skating technique and overall speed.

August Shooting Specialty Camp

Shoot like the pros! This program gives players an opportunity to learn and practice proper shooting technique. All shots will be taught; wrist-shot, back hand, snap-shot, slap-shot, one-timers along with shooting in motion, shooting in traffic, shooting accuracy, determining what shot to use and much more. This program will allow players to practice and repeat shooting in game like drills.


August Stickhandling Specialty Camp

Learn to dangle with your sweet hands! If your looking to improve your stickhandling and puck control this program will challenge your puckhandling skills through easy to learn techniques and fun drills. Over the sessions players will work on controlling the puck, body and hand positioning while stickhandling, how to protect the puck in game like situations and much more. Each session players will be challenged through a variety of puck skills and drills.

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