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Personal Training

Personal training allows for consistent feedback and a dynamic plan adjusted to your individual needs. Contact TPH training centre today to schedule a meeting with one of our elite coaches. We will discuss your goals, create an individualized training plan and guide you through each step on the way to achieving your ultimate goal!

Athletic Performance

It’s no longer a question of whether sport specific training is necessary for athletes to continue moving up the ranks in their sport. At TPH Training Centre we have worked with athletes throughout their amateur and professional career. Our elite coaching program begins with a thorough assessment designed to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete, allowing for us to develop a highly individualized training regimen. This program is perfect for athletes looking to use methods proven to get you faster, stronger and more powerful in record time.

Speed and Agility

At TPH our speed and agility program is designed to help players improve coordination, body awareness and ultimitely speed.  We teach players proper sprinting, jumping and lateral movement mechanics.  You can be sure players will enjoy a variety of agility based drills and games throughout our 10-week program!

As a young athlete it’s important to expose the body and mind to a variety of different physical disciplines.  We are constantly developing our motor system (movement/coordination) over the course of our lives.  Through research and experience we can see that between the ages of 7-14 coordination and speed can be strongly influenced.  Introducing speed oriented drills with technical guidance will help young players develop the speed and body control it takes to excel.

Goalie Mask

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